Following the news that Nokia had sold its mobile phone division to Microsoft, it was believed that the Nokia name would soon become a thing of the past. However, there will be many surprised by rumours that have arisen to suggest that the company will in fact be creating its own handset.

The Finnish company is supposedly wanting to bring out its own flagship Android phone, with website MyDrivers suggesting that Nokia be will working alongside the same team which developed the Nokia N9 handset. This device ran on the company’s MeeGo operating system and was initially released in September 2011.

Although it is still just rumoured, if Nokia does decide to use Android rather than Windows Phone for its flagship handset, it is unclear whether or not this will be due to licensing agreements that have been put in place between Nokia and Microsoft following the announcement of the acquisition. There have also been suggestions that Nokia may even try to build its own version of Android, although this remains to be seen.

Nokia did, however, recently use a version of Android for its Nokia X, Nokia XL and Nokia XL+ handsets. However, these smartphones weren’t particularly successful, so it would be no real surprise if they did decide to use stock Android when creating the new flagship device.

What also remains a bit of an important question is what Nokia will call their new handset? Given that Microsoft now has the rights to use the brand when it comes to smartphones over the next ten years, it means that the company may have to create a completely new brand for its smartphone, or wait until Microsoft’s rights expire.

Obviously, as all of this is just rumour at present, the actual specs of the suggested handset remain to be seen, as does whether or not it actually materialises at all. One thing is for certain, it is currently a very interesting time for Nokia.ADNFCR-2155-ID-801758316-ADNFCR

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