Consumers who suffer from a lack of signal when it comes to using their mobile phone might like to switch to a Nokia model.

Jason, writing for Nokia Conversations, explained there are a number of costly technologies that can improve signal strength, but these tend to be beyond the budgets of most people.

However, splashing out on a Nokia E73 or Astound handset when next upgrading is said to be a more suitable option.

This is because these mobile phones can utilise Wi-Fi, meaning calls and text messages can be made through this network.

"While your friends may struggle with maintaining a call … in a poor signal area, as long as you have a Nokia equipped with Wi-Fi calling, you’ll be happily messaging and chatting away," Jason stated.

Ian, also writing for the online publication, recently recommended the LinkedIn app as a top download for businesspeople with a Nokia mobile.

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Written by Mazuma

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