In terms of internet-connected mobile phones, the Symbian operating system from Nokia is still the number one platform in China, according to the latest figures from search giant Baidu.

The company’s most recent quarterly Mobile Internet Development Trends Report for the first quarter of 2012 counted only internet-connected phones that have browsed the web through Baidu.

It showed that Nokia is in the lead with 22 per cent, while Samsung came in a distant third with a share of 10.4 per cent.

Android remains the leading smartphone provider in China, but these figures didn’t take the devices into account.

Despite the positives for Nokia and the other companies who came out favourably in this report, Baidu suggested they are on the wane.

“Nokia’s mobile market share continues to drop, with 5.8 [per cent] decrease month-by-month and 18.4 per cent drop year-on-year. Shanzhai phones’ market share is also steadily decreasing,” the company said in a statement.

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