Recent comments regarding a new industry project may inspire some to trade in mobilephones like the Nokia 5800 for environmental reasons.

According to a spokesman for MobileWire, an online news and review resource for all things relating to the sector, moves to create a universal charger will be great news for people with eco concerns.

The site’s executive editor Brian Turner welcomed the introduction of such a product and took the opportunity to suggest a number of ways in which it might aid the fight against climate change.

“It will prevent the generation of hundreds of tons of electronic waste material in the future and additionally help reduce mining pressures in environmentally-sensitive areas,” he concluded.

The Universal Charging Solution was announced by the International Telecommunication Union in a statement published on October 22nd and will enable consumers to keep one power solution for all future handsets.

It has been suggested the product could be up to three times more energy-efficient than many current options.

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