Those looking to sell mobilephones may want to opt for a music device like the Nokia 5800, but one expert has suggested they may want more from the phone.

In a post for the CCS Insight Blog this week, Paolo Pescatore outlined some of the things consumers want from their handsets and urged operators and manufacturers to take heed.

He explained that a number of companies have recently announced partnership deals to boost the catalogue of audio tracks they have available, but added that this may not be enough.

The expert suggested companies focus on delivering unlimited downloads, but said the changes should not stop there.

“I think operators will have to offer more than just music. They need to emphasise the social aspect of music and provide an integrated social experience of music across the web and the mobile phone,” Mr Pescatore concluded.

The Nokia Comes With Music service is one option those recycling mobile phones could consider, as the offer allows unlimited downloads for a year.

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