The latest reports indicate that the next mobile phone, powered by Google, will be announced at the end of October, and will start shipping out before November.

This is according to TechRadar, which claims to have been in touch with a source “familiar with Google”.

When it is released, it will bring the same specifications as the iPhone 5S but at half the price of Apple’s flagship handset. This should make the Nexus 5 around £275, which would fit in with Google’s promise to give users high-performing smartphones with a low price.

According to the technology site, the source was referring to the UK release date when the last week of October was mentioned, however, it’s likely that other major markets will receive it during the same time scale.

If the rumours are true, it could be a massive success for Google as it will undercut Apple when it comes to price, but still match them in the performance stakes.
However, the source gives no information about how it will “match the iPhone 5S”, so it’s unclear whether it will have identical specifications, the same processor power or anything else.

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