The latest mobile phone from Google, the Nexus 5, may not be have full HD display as rumours surface that the company is sacrificing screen quality in favour of a better camera and longer battery life.

It appears the company may be leaving the huge screens to rivals Samsung with its Galaxy Note 2 and shrink down the size of its display, according to rumours from Phonearena.

The source also thinks that Google will sacrifice a full HD screen in favour of a 720p IPS display, although it is against the current trend. This does seem a bit unlikely as currently streaming HD videos is a massive focus for users and manufacturers alike.

It also appears that the screen will take up 88 per cent of the handset which doesn’t seem to leave a lot of room for much else on the front.

An advantage of the move would be the battery life coming from a 2800mAh pack, which could last more than 30 hours of moderate usage before it needs to be recharged.

More definite information about Google’s Nexus 5 should be announced at the Google I/O in May.

Posted by Peter Robinson

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