Next iPhones to exclusively use Intel chips

The next generation of Apple iPhone smartphones will not feature Qualcomm chipset technology, with the manufacturer set to switch exclusively to Intel modems for its newest handsets.

This is according to Qualcomm, with the firm’s chief financial officer George Davis confirming in an earnings call with investors that Apple will drop its products.

He said: “We believe Apple intends to solely use our competitor’s modems rather than our modems in its next iPhone release.”

In the previous generation of Apple handsets, the manufacturer used a combination of Qualcomm and Intel technologies.

However, Apple and Qualcomm have become involved in a fierce legal dispute related to alleged patent infringement and the royalties paid for the use of the technology. This began in 2017, when Apple sued the chipmaker, claiming it was overcharging for its 4G LTE modems, which are needed in order to ensure smartphones can connect to the internet.

Qualcomm, in turn, countersued, arguing that Apple needed to pay more money in royalties, and also alleging that the iPhone maker infringed on its patents and shared proprietary information with its competitor Intel.

The chipmaker has also tried to have certain iPhone models banned from the US – though so far unsuccessfully. It may therefore be no surprise that the business relationship between the two companies appears to have broken down.

The news comes shortly after Qualcomm highlighted the results of data speed tests that it claims show its own technology offers much faster downloading seeds than Intel modems.

Qualcomm said data collected by Ookla’s online speed tests in the US showed that smartphones equipped with its Snapdragon 845 chip achieved average download speeds of 29.77Mbps, compared with 21.34Mbps for Intel’s XMM7480 and 18.16Mbps for the Intel XMM7360.

The timing of these results may indicate that Qualcomm is aiming to respond to Apple’s decision to drop its technology and highlight to buyers the importance of a phone’s internal hardware when it comes to delivering fast download speeds.

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