Mobile phone company Apple are reportedly working on a massive 12 mega-pixel camera for its next iPhone release.

Rumours say that the next model, likely to be called the 5S, will have an incredible 12 mega-pixel camera built in, according to site MacRumors who credit for the tip off.

The camera will also have improved low-light photography, as well as the boosted mega-pixel sensor. Sources hail from Wonderful Saigon Electronics who have a connection in supplying camera modules for the iPhones.

Although all rumours should be taken with a pinch of salt, this one is at least plausible as the S models do usually focus on improving secondary features rather than introducing innovative technology.

Making the best of the camera functions seems a sensible move for the company as it is one of the only remaining areas where it trumps its Android rivals.

Perfecting low-light photos would also be a big advantage for Apple as the HTC One is one of the only Android phones on the market that also focuses on improving this type of photography.

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