British consumers may be among the first in the queue for a new mobile phone released this week.

ZTE Corporation has unveiled its new Skate device at the current Mobile World Congress 2011 event in Barcelona, Spain.

In addition to this, the firm confirmed its new Light Your Smart World strategy, which it hopes will promote its portfolio of the latest mobiles to a wider audience.

Skate features a light and thin design that makes it particularly easy to both use and carry while out and about.

It has a 4.3-inch touchscreen that has been tailored to provide the perfect web browsing experience, as well as a high-definition display on which to view content.

As if that is not enough for mobile users, the device also features a five-megapixel camera and GPS capability.

JBC, author of a Nokia Conversations blog this week, suggested he found the Nokia N7 and E7 models among the most stylish and unique at the event.

Posted by Peter Robinson

Written by Mazuma

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