Consumers may never have a better reason to trade in their mobile phones than the arrival on the market of the Samsung Galaxy R.

The manufacturer has teamed up with Nvidia to launch its latest smartphone, which is configured by the Android 2.3 operating system and also makes use of the latter’s Tegra software.

Featuring a 4.19-inch touchscreen and a dual-core processor, the device has all the technology required to become one of the industry’s favourite models.

“Samsung’s newest super phone shows off Tegra’s multimedia power and is a great example of what consumers expect from one of the world’s top phone makers,” explained Michael Rayfield, general manager of Nvidia’s mobile business.

Among the benefits of using the Galaxy R are its fast web browsing platform, ability to play high-definition movies and download the latest apps.

ABI Research recently suggested that Samsung has the potential to become the number one mobile manufacturer in the world.

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