New research means your mobile phone could last a week before it needs a recharge rather than a day.

Scientists have made a discovery that means not only will phone batteries last longer they will charge 1,000 times quicker than before.

They have designed a new battery that creates a much bigger surface area inside, meaning that electricity doesn't have to go as far to complete its circuit therefore charging is significantly faster.

The result of this innovation in "microtechnology" is that batteries could take minutes to charge and last for days, which is an area where a lot of modern smartphones really struggle. However, there are a few obstacles that would have to be navigated before users will see these power sources in their devices.

At the moment there is concern that it would be unsafe as it contains a flammable electrolyte which is an obvious risk for customers.

Although it may not be in the next handsets from the mobile phone companies, it does shed a little light on where smartphones could be in the future.

Posted by Peter Robinson

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