With pictures of the next-generation iPod touch circulating online, many mobile phone fans may be wondering whether a switch to the gadget could be worthwhile.

Asavin Wattanajantra, taking a closer look at the device for CNET UK, says the most noticeable addition is that of a FaceTime camera.

The iPod touch has never before included image-taking equipment, so the potential to enjoy both video and photographic communication might be seen as a major step forwards.

“Its addition would greatly increase the value of the device as a combination music-player/mobile computer. And if the quality matches up to the iPhone 4, Apple may have another winner on its hands,” the expert states.

Indeed, such is the potential of FaceTime, if its inclusion on the iPod touch is successful it could be rolled out across all of the top mobile devices, according to the writer.

Apple has recently enjoyed the launch of the iPhone 4 in a further nine countries, while also selling more than three million iPads in less than 80 days.

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