Those who choose to sell a mobile phone at the current time could find Orange has presented an affordable way to pick up a replacement device.

The network has confirmed it is updating the one and 12-month tariffs it offers customers, known as the SIM-only Animal price plans.

Each of these have been tailored by experts to ensure that consumers have plenty of options on a variety of budgets.

For example, Orange is offering a year-long deal for £7 a month that includes 150 minutes, 500 text messages and 250MB of data.

The Panther SIM plans are also on offer for the first time and are said by the company to be perfect for people planning to use a smartphone, as they come with email and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Businesses were recently targeted by Orange, which said it wants firms to use it for their mobile operations and is offering a £1 for 1GB transaction.

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