New Night Shift feature sees iPhones help users sleep better

The latest update to Apple's proprietary mobile operating system iOS 9.3 introduces a new feature designed to reduce any disruption devices such as the iPhone and iPad cause to the user's sleeping patterns. 

Smartphone, tablet and computer screens all radiate a blue light that disturbs the user's circadian rhythm, making it more difficult to sleep properly as a result. 

However, a new feature called Night Shift introduced with iOS 9.3 makes this less disruptive by intelligently adjusting its settings as it gets late. 

The feature uses the clock and geolocation to determine the natural light levels in the individual's area. When it is sunset, Night Shift changes the screen to a warmer colour, reducing the amount of blue light that is emitted. The device then returns to normal settings in the morning. 

Owners of older Apple products are likely to miss out, as Night Shift is limited to iOS devices with a 64-bit processor – meaning the iPhone 5s or later, an iPad Air or later and the iPad mini 2 and its successors. 

If the idea sounds familiar, that is because it is based on software called f.lux, which has been available on Macs for a long time now. 

The people behind the software attempted to introduce it to the iPhone in the past as an app, but this did not come to light as it would have required users to sideload the app, which Apple does not permit, as it is in violation of its Developer Program Agreement. 

However, Apple did not seem to have any issue with the concept itself and has now introduced it as a fully integrated feature. 

The preview version of iOS 9.3 is already being made available, with a full version expected to follow shortly afterwards.ADNFCR-2155-ID-801809796-ADNFCR

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