It has become common practice for mobile phone giants to expose their upcoming handsets at big corporate events.

Google is no different with its I/O event being held next month in San Francisco.

Attention has turned to what new Android devices may be unveiled. Obviously a great focus has been on Google Glass, but the company is also expected to reveal some new handsets.

Rumours have been circulating that more information may be given about a possible Nexus 7, as well as a reveal of the Nexus 5.

According to SIDHTech there may also be a new version of the popular Nexus 4 at the event. It is thought the updated handset would carry better networking capabilities as well as improved storage. It could also run on Android 5.0 if the site is to be believed.

The rumoured 32 GB of storage in the Nexus 4 would calm criticisms about the original model, but it is unclear why the firm would overshadow a Nexus 5 release with it.

Google is yet to confirm anything and is unlikely to as it will probably be waiting for the developer conference to make announcements next month.

Posted by Claire Marshall

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