Motorola has taken on the likes of the Nokia Carbon Arte with a high-end device that could appeal to a certain demographic, according to a new review.

In an article for the Trusted Reviews website, Sandra Vogel looks at the company’s new flagship luxury handset and suggests people may need to dig deep to afford it.

Priced at around £1,300 the Motorola Aura eclipses its Nokia rival in terms of value, but the piece notes that for this you get a very unique and stylish mobile phone – particularly when it comes to its “watch-like” mechanisms.

“It boasts a Swiss-made main bearing and apparently more than 200 parts are involved in the opening mechanism, including 130 ball bearings,” the site explains.

However, at such a price, it notes many people will expect more than a two-megapixel camera and a limited user interface – which could mean those recycling mobile phones spend their extra cash elsewhere.

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