Mobile consumers who would like a device that combines all the great features of tough and durable manufacturers with some of the softness and beauty of the latest smartphones may wish to take a look at a new model by Motorola.

According to an article by CCS Insight, the Motorola Defy can perhaps be recognised as the first "rugged smartphone" to hit the UK market.

While the piece admits some of its specifications have been provided before by producers of the most modern mobiles, none have done so on such an overwhelming scale.

For example, the iPhone, Nokia N8 and Samsung Galaxy S each include some of the same features, such as Gorilla glass to protect against scratches, but none are marketed on this basis.

However, the piece notes: "Looking at high-street promotions for the device, it's clear that Motorola’s pushing the Defy's hardware strengths heavily, rather than focusing on the operating system and applications, as with other Android-powered devices."

Social networking users may also be wise to snap up a Motorola product, with the Flipout recently named by Hannah Bouckley, writing for T3, as the best in this area.

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