Those who are planning to recycle their phone and buy a new one might be interested to hear what one expert thinks about the latest from Motorola.

Conrad Longmore is editor of Mobile Gazette and commented on the launch of the DEXT Android-powered phone and MOTOBLUR interface.

According to the manufacturer, DEXT is the only handset to automatically deliver and organise content on to the user’s home screen.

However, Mr Longmore described it as "pretty standard" because touchscreen phones are common these days.

MOTOBLUR, meanwhile, is where the attention should be focused.

"The real story is MOTOBLUR, which provides all the back-end services, such as real-time backups, applications and integration," he added. "It could be enough to turn the heads of consumers."

Motorola might be able to establish itself in the smartphone market because it has the potential to do a lot, Mr Longmore suggested, going on to note that the iPhone gained much more popularity after it enabled third-party apps.

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