Consumers may wish to consider getting a new mobile phone in order to listen to music on the move.

Spotify has proved popular with PC users and is also available on a variety of new smartphones.

The application has now revealed that users will have the ability to connect to Facebook inside of Spotify and instantly add all their Facebook friends who have selected the same feature.

Paul Brindley, managing director of Music Ally, suggested that the move does “absolutely” set Spotify up one step ahead of iTunes.

He said: “For iTunes, I think it’s about whether they can change their model beyond the simple a la carte downloads which they currently offer, which is now beginning to look a little bit outdated.”

A recent release from Apple revealed that users have bought over 10 billion tracks from iTunes, making it the number one music retailer in the world.

More than 12 million songs are available through iTunes, which means it is also the world’s largest music catalogue.

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