The latest mobile phones have been given another good web browsing option with the launch of a new software package, one reviewer has noted.

According to Trusted Reviews’ Niall Magennis the Torch Mobile Iris Browser 1.1.5 is a likeable system that serves as an alternative to Opera Mobile and the Windows-based Internet Explorer.

He states that although the system is "quite buggy" in some areas, it looks the part and includes a few interesting features that make it worth a second look.

For those opting to trade in used mobiles, the Iris Browser provides "top-notch rendering quality" and an auto-zoom mode that Mr Magennis says "works really well".

He explains that although for many people the most recent version of Opera will be best, Torch Mobile may have a platform that will be a serious contender in time.

"Overall, we really quite like Iris Browser," he concludes.

The most recent release of the Opera mobile browsing software is version 9.5.

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