New lost item tracker launched by EE

EE has announced the launch of TrackR Bravo, a new service that is intended to help smartphone owners find lost items using their mobile devices. 

TrackR Bravo is a small, coin-sized device that can track anything from lost keys to much larger things such as a bicycle. 

This comes as part of EE's wider strategy of offering devices and mobile accessories that offer a wider range of possibilities for customers on-the-go. 

A small device that can clip to valuable items, TrackR Bravo can locate these things if they are lost in one of several ways. 

One of these is the TrackR Distance Indicator, which locates a missing item by accessing the TrackR app on a user's iOS or Android smartphone and using the installed Distance Indicator. 

This tells the user how far away the item is and makes the TrackR Bravo ring to make it easier to find what the person is looking for. With a range of up to 100 ft, the TrackR Bravo can use this method to locate lost property around the house or even nearby – such as in an office or restaurant. 

Phone Finder is another feature that helps TrackR to effectively work in reverse, so if the smartphone is misplaced, a button on the TrackR can be used to make the phone ring. An alert can also be set up on the phone to make it ring whenever the user moves a certain distance away from the device, making forgetting to take the phone to work unlikely. 

Finally, TrackR Crowd GPS can track an item more discreetly if it is lost outside in the park or on the commute to work and further away from the usual 100 ft range. If one of the 10,000 users of TrackR comes within a mile of the lost item, its location can be relayed to the user via GPS. ADNFCR-2155-ID-801806841-ADNFCR

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