The latest phone from Apple, the iPhone, may be one of the most impressive models on the market, but it seems not all its applications match up to the handset’s quality – one new driving game has been criticised for lacking "oomph".

According to the webzine Pocket Gamer – which reviews the latest games for the latest phones – Need for Speed Undercover looks pretty but is a little lacking where it really counts.

Pocket Gamer’s reviewer, Tracy Erikson, said the game’s "flashy" graphics are impressive, but its game-play is occasionally left wanting.

He explained: "It’s not about the decals or neon lighting or the long legs and miniskirt sitting on the passenger seat. Any serious racer knows it’s what’s under your hood that counts."

Need for Speed Undercover, designed by Electronic Arts, requires the gamer to drive at high speed through the streets of US cities chasing down and catching criminals.

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