Apple's latest tablet offering – the iPad 3 – is the best handset on the market, according to Consumer Reports.

The high resolution screen of the new iPad establishes a new "benchmark in excellence" that helps provide the best detail and colour accuracy seen on a tablet.

The publication also noted the excellence of its five-megapixel camera, battery life and 4G coverage through Verizon Wireless.

People have rushed out to their nearest Apple stores all around the world to try and get their hands on the new device, so much so that a number of countries noted delays in shipments of the handset because of the demand.

The one minus point the publication noted was that the new display highlights "imperfections" found on apps designed for lower resolution screens.

It also stated that despite reservations from a number of consumers that the new iPad gets too hot, the temperature of the handset was nothing to worry about for potential buyers.

Posted by Claire Marshall

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