Newly-leaked images online appear to show the Apple iPhone 6 in far greater detail than we have seen up until this point, with the front and rear images giving, potentially, a real insight into what the firm could be offering when it comes time for release.

The phone is expected to hit shelves in September, and while Apple's releases over the past few years have been reasonably easy to predict, this year we are expecting to see a number of large changes that could make a real difference to how the phone looks for the first time since the iPhone 4 landed in 2010. 

And although we've seen a range of different purported leaks in the last couple of months, the most recent from an eBay seller, which has subsequently been doing the rounds on Reddit, could be the best view we've had of the phones design yet.

So what is different from the previous versions? Just about everything, is the simple answer to that, with the most obvious change being the shape of the phone, which is slimmer, more rounded and has less defined edges than iPhone 5S.

The power button has also been moved from the first time from the top of the device to the side, while the Apple logo on the back of the casing appears to have been omitted while the chassis of the phone looks to have moved on from the glass we've seen in the past, looking more like the sleek aluminium that the Cupertino giant uses for its Macbook computers.

In addition to this – although it's impossible to decipher a size from the pictures – the handset looks to be larger than previous devices, and not just taller in the way the iPhone 5 was.

Away from the design, the leaked images came from a user who claims to know a little about the specs as well. Screen resolution is said to sit at 1334 x 750 while the phone will come packed with a 2.7 GHz A8 processor. 

With only a little over two months to go until we're likely to hear from the firm, though, only time will tell if these leaks have proved to be reliable, or just another estimate from someone who knows a little bit. ADNFCR-2155-ID-801731053-ADNFCR

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