Mobile phone recycling may be encouraged by consumers considering an upgrade to the Nokia N900 or Nexus One smartphones.

Both handsets have similar features which could attract new users and give them the incentive to sell their old mobile phone to purchase a new handset. has weighed up some of the pros and cons of each handset and decided that the decision is almost too close to call.

The Nokia model is praised for having a high-performance camera, easier text input through the use of a QWERTY keyboard and better web access through its Mozilla-based browser .

However the Nexus One is said to more impressive in terms of looks, speed and the availability of applications.

In conclusion the website states: "The Nexus One is more phone-centric while the Nokia N900 is more web and media-focused."

Google’s Nexus One uses the Android operating system, which experts have described as one of the first realistic challengers to Apple’s iPhone.

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