Trading-in a mobile phone in favour of a snazzy new smartphone with the latest touchscreen is an appealing option for many consumers.

But one slight problem that may not be considered is how to use such a handset in the depths of winter, which is now only just around the corner.

However, Flora Graham, author of a piece for CNET UK, offers an effective solution to this issue.

She recommends Echo Touch gloves, which feature small pads on the forefingers and thumb areas in order to increase sensitivity.

"Having padded fingers will obviously put a crimp on rapid-fire gaming and selecting tiny bits of text, but the conductivity worked perfectly in our tests for using the phone normally," Ms Graham states.

The expert goes on to note the gloves will not look out of place from a fashion viewpoint, as they are "cute".

One of the first devices people may buy and try the hand warmers out on is the Nokia N8, which will be unveiled by the brand at the end of this month.

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