There are now two more reasons for people to consider mobile recycling in favour of a BlackBerry Curve or Apple iPhone 3G S.

Both handsets received new compatible software this week, although the former focuses on entertainment while the latter is designed to help users monitor their accounts.

Fans of stadium rock may be tempted to sell mobiles they no longer need to buy a BlackBerry with the launch of U2 Mobile Album, which Research in Motion has claimed takes the band’s music and gives it “a rich visual experience”.

Manager of the group Paul McGuinness said: “[U2] want to make visual material available with their albums and this app is the ideal way to do it.”

Apple iPhone 3G users, on the other hand, were offered the My O2 for iPhone application this week, which collates contract and pay-as-you-go data such as remaining extras and billing, as well as details of Bolt Ons.

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