A new mobile phone application that helps Android users to write emails, texts and tweets in the style of the Queen has been launched.

The software has been developed by the British firm Swiftkey and it predicts words and phrase the Queen would be likely to type.

It is based on analysis of Queen Elizabeth's published speeches since coming to the throne in 1952.

Events all around the country are getting themselves prepared for this weekend's Diamond Jubilee with rehearsals taking place all the time.

Co-founder of Swiftkey Ben Medlock told BBC News that all publicly available speeches and addresses from the monarch were electronically analysed to develop the software and see how often certain phrases were used.

The company's research found that the key to sounding more like the Queen was to not use too many contraction such as it's, can't and don't. It also suggested that high frequency words included confident, delighted and pleased.

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