Trading-in an old mobile and investing in a new Android-powered phone may be the perfect option for cyclists and runners this summer.

Chris Nguyen, writing the Google Mobile Blog, explains the technology being used by Team HTC-Columbia to update followers on their progress in the Tour de France can be used by anybody with a latest device.

Visitors to the search engine’s website are able to keep up to date with the speed, position and heart rate of competitors in the famous cycling event.

But a combination of the My Tracks app with Google Latitude and Google Public Location Badge can also help those heading off around the UK countryside to alert friends and family as to where they are.

Keen cyclists, runners, walkers and other outdoor exercisers can use the functions to record a range of health details, while those who simply want to update their best mate on progress can do so.

The Tour de France will draw to a close in central Paris on July 25th, 22 days after it began.

Posted by Dan Latham

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