New Android feature will help fight battery drainage

We’ve all been there; you take your phone out of your pocket and see that half the battery has drained away, despite the fact it’s only been on for a few hours. Nobody wants to be stuck without their phone for any amount of time, so Google has decided to do something about this with its latest version of Android.

As reported by Android Police, the newest version of Google’s operating system – 8.1 Oreo – will highlight apps that are using large amounts of battery power when users go into the battery settings. This will allow people to assess which programs need closing down in order to make their phone last longer.

This feature has only been spotted thanks to the Android 8.1 Oreo Developer Preview, an early beta of the operating system that allows Google to spot any errors or issues and fix them before the software is properly released. Android Police noticed the new feature and immediately reported on it so that users know what they can expect.

The feature not only highlights which apps are draining the battery, but also suggests a way of fixing them. Android Police saw that the Maps Preview app was using up a significant amount of charge, and the operating system suggested turning off location features for the program, as this was what was using up the most power.

Of course, turning off location is not ideal for a map application. However, it gives the user an idea of which apps are using up the battery, and what options there are to reduce this drain if possible.

There are already apps that provide this service, of course. However, this would be the first time that the feature has been included on Android as standard, and is just one more reason to be excited about the release of the operating system when it eventually comes out.ADNFCR-2155-ID-801842098-ADNFCR

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