Shocking figures have suggested that nearly half of all motorists in the UK are still willing to talk on their mobile phone while at the wheel.

Despite knowing the dangers and threat of even higher fines and penalty points, 48 per cent said they talk and drive at the same time, according to joint research undertaken by road safety charity Brake and Direct Line.

As many as 25 per cent phone and drive at least once a week, while 44 per cent of young motorists and more than a quarter of older people admit to texting while driving.

Since February 2007, motorists in the UK have been faced with the added threat of having penalty points and a fine if caught talking on their mobile phone while driving.

"Many drivers who wouldn't dream of drink-driving are using phones while driving, oblivious that the effect on your reaction times can be similar," deputy chief executive of Brake Julie Townsend commented.

Posted by Claire Marshall

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