Using a mobile phone to get from place to place is a realistic prospect for people who invest in the latest smartphones.

Google Mobile Blog authors Andrey Ulanov and Kevin Law explain Walking Directions is a feature that will help users find even the most hidden locations.

It is so accurate it will even trigger a vibration in the device when its owner needs to make a turn, while the display map rotates to match the direction a person is facing so it can be used as a virtual compass.

Another benefit is that it is not restricted only to pavements alongside roads, with thousands of pedestrian pathways also loaded on.

Some people may deem it to be an extremely useful feature, in which case trading-in an old phone and upgrading to a handset powered by Android 4.5 could be the way forward.

One such model might be the long-awaited Nokia N8, which is due to finally hit the shelves on September 30th.

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