Mobile phone users with a passion for playing the guitar may wish to have a little fun with their instrument and their handset.

This might be achievable through the use of a new app that is available for download from the Nokia Ovi Store.

Remembering to carry a guitar tuner around can prove difficult for some people and those who often find themselves struggling to get back into tune may wish to take a look at Tunerific.

Nokia Conversations blog states that users can place their phone close to their instrument and pluck their strings to find out whether they are a little too flat, too sharp or spot on.

More experienced musicians could also enjoy the Tone Tuner element of Tunerific as it emits a note which users can then try and match on their instrument.

A huge range of apps are available from the Ovi Store and it has recently been reported that Shazam has had more than one million downloads.

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