One expert has commented on the current music-based facilities that exist for handset users.

In news that may sway those selling mobile phones to pay for a new model, a spokesman for GfK Technology explained that Spotify was unlikely to top its closest rival iTunes.

Following the launch of the former on 3 Mobile‘s HTC Hero package, Jonathan Shingler said the latter will continue to take the lion’s share of the market for audio services.

He noted this was due to the compatibility with wireless gadgets like the Apple iPhone 3G S, but concluded by saying there were other options that make Spotify an attractive prospect.

"It provides a unique take on streaming in that it lets you access the song of your choice, whereas iTunes only provides 30 second clips or podcasts, which do not give you the flexibility," Mr Shingler said.

A recent survey from GfK showed that of the 2,000 digital music users surveyed, 11 per cent had now used Spotify.

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