Selling a mobile phone for cash with Mazuma may be a wise move by music fans who like the sound of a new app.

Ian, writing the latest Nokia Conversations blog, explains Moodagent has been released in Beta form by the Finnish brand.

It stores favourite tracks of a user and matches them to a particular mood or tempo – and the owner can then listen to relevant tunes during periods of joy, sadness and so on.

The author continues: "In a nod to modern manners, you can share your mood and current music choice with Facebook and Twitter friends."

All people need to do to enjoy the tool is to invest in a Nokia mobile phone and allow the app to set up on the device, as it needs some time to search for tracks.

Nokia offers a wide range of handsets, including the latest models such as the C7 and the N8.

Posted by Simon Thomas

Written by Mazuma

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