Consumers in the UK may increasingly be affected by the presence of music and music players when choosing new mobile phones.

Daniel Ashdown, a research analyst at Juniper Research, explained he believes handsets will have a growing impact on the music business over the coming years.

“Consumption on the mobile [will rise] because it’s a ubiquitous device and it’s something that people are more likely to carry now than perhaps an mp3 player because it’s an all-in-one device,” he stated.

In comparison to an iPod, a mobile still wins as it has many other functions and tools to be enjoyed.

Mr Ashdown suggested the fact sales of iPhones continue to rise while music-only products are becoming less popular is proof that playing tunes via a mobile is the way forward.

The research organisation recently predicted that the number of people subscribing to music portals will hit 178 million by 2015.

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