The chance to listen to music via a handset could be a significant factor in the decision of many to trade in mobiles and switch to the latest devices.

Daniel Ashdown, research analyst at Juniper Research, said the rise of smartphones and hi-tech models has made it easier than ever to download and listen to tunes.

Indeed, he noted the capacity of many mobiles has been increased dramatically – possibly to cope with the storage of numerous tracks.

“Companies like HTC, Apple, Motorola [and] Samsung, have now got storage capacity of around 32GB, which I think for most people’s music collection is more than adequate,” stated Mr Ashdown.

He suggested this is far greater than specialist music-playing devices, so trading in a mobile may be the best route towards a great personal entertainment system.

Entertainment downloads were recently said to be the most common purchases by mobile users, in a report published by Chadwick Martin Bailey and iModerate Research Technologies.

Posted by Claire Marshall 

Written by Mazuma

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