Mozilla has unveiled two preview devices toting the Firefox mobile phone operating system (OS), in an attempt to get developers on board with its software.

Geeksphone manufactured the Keon and Peak gadgets so that programmers could start to create apps compatible with the platform.

Mozilla is well-known for its open-source PC browser, but its customer base has started to plummet due to rivalry with Google Chrome.

In attempting to gain a piece of the handset market, the non-profit organisation will again come up against the search engine giant.

Google's Android operating system dominates global shares, but Firefox will also compete against the likes of Apple iOS and Microsoft Windows Phone.

To stand a chance of appealing to consumers, app developers creating the top tools and games will have to get on board, as will hardware manufacturers like Samsung.

The Geeksphone website says: "Firefox OS is a cutting-edge mobile operating system, designed to render the highest performance."

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