Fans of mobile gaming have been offered a new title that ties in with the number one movie Monsters vs Aliens, which one reviewer has put to the test.

The downloadable software is based on the digitally-animated film which recently shot to the top of the UK box office charts following its April 3rd release.

According to Kath Brice of the Pocket Gamer website, the platform-based game may be ideal for the same kind of age bracket that the celluloid version has targeted.

She notes that although there is a lack of originality and difficulty that will put off many experienced players, Monsters vs Aliens: The Mobile Game is “bound to appeal to younger fans of the film”.

Monsters vs Aliens stars Reese Witherspoon as Susan, a young woman who is hit by a meteor on the day of her wedding and grows to giant proportions. After being brought in by a secret government agency, she is renamed Ginormica and asked to help defend the Earth against an alien attack.

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