Dennis Woodside, chief executive for Motorola, has announced that the next mobile phone from the company will be the Moto X.

It will be the first flagship handset to emerge since the company was bought out by Google for around $12.5 billion (£8.2 billion) last year.

Speaking at the AllThings D D11 conference, the firm's chief executive managed to disperse rumours that the name of the device would be some sort of Google-Motorola hybrid.

Mr Woodside said the device will be 70 per cent built in America which will make it the first smartphone to be built on US soil and will be "broadly distributed".

The Moto-boss went on to say that this device may not be all we see from the firm this year as he indicated that a "handful" of new handsets would be released before the end of the 2013. 

He also revealed that the flagship-smartphone, which he called a "hero device", will be the smartest device from the company yet with inbuilt sensors to detect when the phone is in a car for example to allow safer usage.

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