Google's Motorola Mobility has confirmed that it plans to release its first smartphone powered by Intel chip at an event in London on September 18th.

Intel chips are already used in a number of mobile phones made by Lava, Lenovo and Gigabyte, however, this news marks a significant step in the efforts of Google to crack the smartphone market.

The search giant first announced its partnership with Google at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January.

Analysts have said the effort from Google could prove critical to Intel's prospects as a result of the fast growth on the mobile phone and tablet markets.

Intel's vice president for mobile Mike Bell told BBC News that everything in the mobile space is about user experience and the "responsiveness" of the device.

"We are trying to work out what the next user experience should be on these hand-held devices and then work backwards to build into the silicon the hooks we need to create that experience," he continued.

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