There are rumours floating around in the tech business that Motorola is currently working on a smartphone that will revolutionise the smartphonemarket.

According to the tweeter that goes by the moniker of Ricciolo – well known for his Sony leaks – the US headquartered telecommunications business is developing a flagship model that is “smarter than other smartphones”.

In a cryptic tweet, Ricciolo hinted that Motorola is the outfit behind this potentially radical device – after all, he did include a logo of the company. Officially, at the time of writing Motorola has neither confirmed nor denied these claims.

Interestingly, an announcement of sorts is anticipated this month at the earliest, as he followed up with another tweet that said “soon means sooner than expected”.

“The fact that the Ricciolo account makes a big deal of the word 'hint' could itself be a cheeky hint at a possible successor to the Motorola Hint, an in-ear Bluetooth device that allowed owners of the Moto X to control the device hands free,” TechRadar hypothesised in its analysis of the messages.

“It's exciting to speculate, and the 'soon' could be referring to Mobile World Congress, which kicks off on March 2nd. Hopefully if Motorola does have something revolutionary up its sleeve, it won't keep us waiting for long.”

In related news, Motorola’s president and chief operating officer Rich Osterloh said in an interview with Forbes that the company is doing very well, with Q4 2014 results showing revenue growth of 118 per cent compared to a year ago.

He is confident that the business will go from strength to strength, as, after all, the smartphone industry in particular is in vibrant form. Moreover, as has been demonstrated in the past, no one brand can dominate the market for long.

Mr Osterloh said: “Every seven years, the person who’s been on top of the market has gone away.”

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