With a growing number of green handsets available to those recycling mobile phones, Sprint has announced plans to offer more eco-friendly products.

The manufacturer claimed this week that in addition to having the largest selection of environmentally-focussed mobile peripherals in the US market, it would now boost its offerings with some new items.

It was noted these include the All-In-One Vehicle and Wall Charger, which joins Sprint’s Solio solar-powered option and adheres to a selection of strict efficiency guidelines.

Ralph Reid, vice-president of corporate social responsibility for the firm, said: “We are pleased to offer [our] customers greener options for their wireless devices.”

Those looking to recycle mobilephones for a new handset that is built to a more carbon-efficient standard may want to consider the Motorola W233, which is partially built from reused plastic bottles.

Samsung‘s Reclaim is another device that boasts eco-credentials, but the phone has yet to be officially launched in the UK.

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