The Motorola i465 Clutch is a handset that may appeal to those more likely to send a text than make a voice call, it has been suggested.

Brian James Kirk put the device through its paces in a recent article for Mobile Burn and drew attention to its status as ideal for getting in touch with people via SMS or email.

This was in part due to its full qwerty keyboard, which is praised for packing the buttons as close together as possible without losing any of the comfort needed to type rapidly and keep the handset as a whole compact.

Mr Kirk explained: “The buttons are cut at sharp angles which make them very usable.” He added they also “feel sturdy and respond well to quick typing” and “light up when pressed”.

However, the model is unlikely to win any fans for its good looks, the expert concluded – although this was something Sascha Segan of PC Mag did not agree with, as the design of the i465 was one of things that most impressed the reviewer.

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