Ever since Google took over Motorola there have been rumours surrounding what the first mobile phone from the partnership would look like.

Motorola X is expected to be the next offering from the companies, but very little else was known about what the handset would look like or contain.

However tech-leaker @evleaks has published an image of the upcoming device on his Twitter account.

The tweeter has a generally good record of legitimate leaks so there is little reason to presume this one is any different.

Whether this phone is the first in the series of Motorola X models or a stand-alone device is unclear at the moment, but the codenamed "ghost" model confirms some of the rumours that have been circulating.

It will debut exclusively on AT&T, which is a significant step for the Verizon-loyal partners. The camera is embedded in the phone rather than sticking out, which is a classic feature in Android models.

Issues like screen-size and memory are yet to be confirmed along with price and a specific worldwide release date, though it has been rumoured to be around August.

Posted by Claire Marshall

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