It has been announced that next week will see the launch of the Google-powered Motorola DROID.

As the first device to hit the market that boasts the search company’s Android 2.0 system, the new smartphone has been discussed a great deal online this week.

However, buyers will get their chance to put the gadget and its revised operating software to the test when it comes to stores on November 6th.

Sanjay Jha, co-chief executive officer of Motorola and chief executive officer of its mobile devices division, said with high-speed web functionality and the Android platform, people can expect a "rich consumer experience".

He concluded by highlighting the "flexible graphical user interface" of the smartphone and noting that overall, DROID is a phone that "simply doesn’t compromise".

The phone will be the second from Motorola to support Android, following the DEXT – which is known in the US as the CLIQ.

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