Motorola had marketed the Moto X mobile phone as the handset that allows users to customise it to their own preferences and put a personal stamp on the device.

However, customers that had dreams of seeing their own name or slogan printed across the smartphone may be disappointed.

According to Computerworld and PCWorld’s JR Raphael, custom engravings won’t be available when the device is launched later this week. Although, this refers to the US launch date, you can almost safely assume that this will be the same when the Moto X starts rolling out in the UK too.

Raphael released the news on his Google+ profile and explained that the printing quality hadn’t been up to standard during initial tests.

This caused Motorola to delay the customisable option until it has properly sorted the technique out

It’s not a big deal as the company promised that the option would be available “soon” and may even be ironed out by the time the handset is released over here.

However, it doesn’t look great for the manufacturer as it put a lot of weight in the fact that users could put a personal slant on the handset.

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