The Moto G has beaten off a lot of other mobile phones to become the first non-Nexus handset to get the latest Android update.

People with Motorola's Moto G will now be able to upgrade to the Android 4.4.2 KitKat to make sure their handset is running the latest version of their operating system. 

Some users may have already been prompted to download the software but if you haven't then you can go to the settings part of your Moto G and check for system updates.

The update brings a number of improvements including fixes to make the security stronger and increase the amount of photo editing options available. It will also allow users to make more of their battery life and features a full-screen mode.

The smartphone could see itself grow in popularity now that it features the KitKat update, especially as it comes with a £135 price tag.

Posted by Simon Thomas

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