People looking to get on the housing ladder or continue their move up it may find that selling mobile phones and investing in an Android of BlackBerry device is a good move.

That is because a brand new app has been launched for the brands' models, which offers expert information on the subject of gaining a mortgage.

Devised by The Mortgage Works (TMW), the app features an affordability calculator and a tool that works out how much could be gained in rental income should the property be let out.

"The new app is based on TMW's most popular calculator which attracts 4,500 unique visitors per month, so I expect the app to be a popular and useful tool," stated Paul Howard, head of corporate accounts at TMW and Nationwide.

Marvel Comics this week announced it has launched an app for Android mobiles that will offer access to the adventures of a host of the world's favourite superheroes.

Posted by Claire Marshall

Trade-in your old mobile phone for cash – 

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